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Honorable M J Akbar Ji, Honorable Siddha Ramaya Ji, All my colleague Chief Ministers, All my sister and brothers from extended Indian family it gives me immense pleasure to welcome you all here in India and I m here to invite you all to the state of Maharashtra.

I know for past many days you have been constantly working hard so now is the time to relax and what can be a better place than Maharashtra to relax. So please come to magnetic Maharashtra and this year 2017 happens to be Visit Maharashtra year, and all of you know we have for you to experience wild tiger of Vidarbha, pristine beaches of Konkan, forts of Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj and many such areas where you can visit, you can relax and revive.

As rightly pointed by the Chief Minister of Karnataka, 1pm is scheduled lunch and Swami Vivekananda use to say no philosophy can be taught to empty stomach so I shall be very brief I would just like to tell you that you have gone to several countries to look for opportunities you have courage to accept the challenge and in challenging times you went there you contributed there but now all those opportunities for which you to different countries is available in Maharashtra.

So now is the time when you come back or atleast try the opportunities in Maharashtra I would just like to tell you that the global communities has shown its belief in Maharashtra because out of the entire FDI when came to India this year, 50% came to Maharashtra. We are creating lots of infrastructure in Maharashtra, On 24th of December the honorable minister kicked started projects of infrastructure worth 15 billion dollars in Mumbai alone it includes Metro, Mono, elevator corridors of Railway it includes the longest sea bridge in the entire country. It includes Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Memorial which will be iconic in the entire world we are developing Nagpur-Mumbai communication super express way, 700 kilometer access controlled road, which will be the biggest express way in the entire nation it will intrigate 22 district of Maharashtra to the GNPT port and it will create 22 smart cities along the road and I think that will be the biggest corridor created ever in India, we are trying to connect every single village through fiber, Nagpur is already a digital district and by December 2018 2900 gram panchayats of Maharashtra  will be connected through digital fiber and will be digital.

Maharashtra right now leads in Swatch Bharat Abhiyaan, most number of cities, OFD, most number of villages ODF, whether its urban economy or rural economy you have opportunities for businesses because I think that every single opportunity creates a business opportunity and at the same time we can have a business opportunity and we can contribute           towards towards developing our Nationwe are creating 10 smart cities in Maharashtra and the first smart on Delhi Mumbai industrial corridor will be created in Aurangabad and I think the first phase of the city will be launch by December 2017. We are creating most of opportunities new ports, 3 new airport, new Mumbai airport, Pune airport, new Nagpur airport all will be the international airports. And the logistic facility at Nagpur because after GST Nagpur being the 0 mile of India will be the logistic hub of India I think for the paucity of time I will not enlist all the opportunities I will only like to tell you we are there to welcome you, you name the opportunity and you will have it in Maharashtra I’m there to welcome you I’m there to facilitate you I’m there to hand hold you,

You are most welcome, Thank you! Jai Hind, Jai Maharashtra, Jai Bharat.