Advisory for Pravasi Bhartiya Diwas (PBD) Delegates for Prayagraj

Close to 3000 PBD delegates will be going to Prayagraj for a day–trip on 24 January in around 90 buses.  They will depart for New Delhi in the evening in three special trains being organized by the Indian Railways.

An exciting programme has been drawn up for PBD delegates in Prayagraj.  The programe will comprise of visit to 2-3 points of historical/ cultural interest, holy Sangam dip for those desirous of it, and visit to specially developed Sanskriti Gram (Culture Village) and Kala Gram (Art Village) providing a glimpse of cultural heritage of India and showcasing various traditional handicrafts of India respectively.

Each batch of PBD delegates / bus will have a couple of Liaison Officers (LOs) travelling with them from Varanasi.  They will be joined by 2-3 volunteers at Prayagraj.  Given the large numbers of PBD delegates and attendant logistics involved, it is important that PBD delegates of a particular bus remain together at all times. Their understanding and cooperation is sought in this regard.  This will ensure smooth conduct of the planned trip in Prayagraj.

Ø    All Delegates are advised to remember their bus number and their LO's mobile number. All delegates must display their PBD Badges/ I-D Cards.

Ø    NO luggage will be offloaded from the bus when they reach Tent City in Prayagraj.  The delegates, including those who are interested in holy dip at Sangam, are advised to carry their essential clothes / towels / necessary items in a small handbag.  Luggage will be off-loaded only at Prayagraj Railway Station while boarding the train for Delhi.  Delegates are also advised to ensure that their luggage is properly tagged along with their name, bus number, train/ coach number and mobile number.

Ø    All delegates, upon arrival at Tent City, should proceed for refreshments / meal in the dining area and be ready to move for the guided tour within 45 minutes upon disembarkation at Tent City.  Delegates may use the cottages allocated to the group for freshening up.

Ø    All delegates are advised to stick to the guided-tour and adhere to timelines indicated by the respective LOs on each bus at every point of interest.

Ø    All delegates are advised to keep their train ticket / pass safely, and sit at designated seats / coaches only.

Ø    While porters are available at the Railway Station, they are limited in numbers. All delegates are therefore advised to handle their luggage themselves for boarding train at Railway Station. Assistance will be provided to those who would require such facilitation.

Ø    Facility of currency exchange does not exist at Tent City or in the near vicinity of the tent city or other points of the guided tour. It would be preferable to carry some cash. There are some ATMs.