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Every delegate who participated in PBD 2017 - including Officials, Performers, Exhibitors, Sponsors, Event Manager, Organiser, etc had to register online for the Convention. Access to the PBD venue required a Delegate badge - which could be obtained only after completing all the steps in the registration process; and was subject to security verification.

Registration was completed when all the steps were completed online, including payment for registration fees. Once payment was made, delegates received an automated receipt, which enabled them to obtain the delegate badge and special rates for PBD 2017 delegates in Hotels at Bengaluru.

Step 1

All Delegates for the Pravasi Bharatiya Divas 2017 (PBD 2017) Convention created an ‘Access Log In’ into the website as the first step of the Registration process.

Step 2

After creation of an Access Log In, delegates chose their registration options

  • Individual Registration
  • Group Registration

Guidelines for Group Creation and Joining a Group were as follows:

  • Choose the “create group” tab under Registration menu.The group can be created by a nodal person or coordinator for the registered group/organization desirous of participating in PBD 2017.
  • Fill in details as prompted.
  • If your group is a registered body/organisation/association in any country, please indicate the registration number.
  • If your group is not a registered body/organisation/association in any country, provide a brief description of your group.
  • A unique Id code will be generated for the group on completion of this process.
  • Share this unique Id code with others who you wish to join this group as members.
  • Advise all prospective members to create a login into this portal and join the group using the unique Id.
  • The Group Administrator will make a consolidated payment once the group is complete; individual payments by members of the group are not allowed
  • The rates for participation in PBD 2017 will vary as per the number of days of participation. All members of the group will have to choose the same dates of participation.
  • Refund of registration fees paid by the group will be governed by the refund policy explained elsewhere in the portal.

Payment and Refund Policies

Delegates may register for PBD 2017 at the earliest. The registration fee schedule for individual and group registrations is given below. The delegate fees was increased after 30 November 2016. Further, that any request for refund of delegate fee was not accepted after 5 January 2017. The last date for online registration was 7 January 2017 . No registrations were accepted after this date.


Registration Fees - Pravasi Bharatiya Divas 2017

Normal Registration Fees

Individual Registration 
(a) Indian nationals above 35 years : (Includes Indian Passport holders who are non-resident)

US$100 for one day;
US$150 for any two days during 7 - 9 January;
US$200 for all three days i.e. 7, 8, 9 January 2017.

(b) Indian Origin persons above 35 years and other foreign nationals not of Indian Origin

US$150 for one day
US$200 for two days
US$250 for three days

Group Registration

(c) Group Registration Discounts. Members of an Indian Association, Indian Community Organization, Professional bodies of Indian Origin persons can register as a group and benefits from the special rates applicable for such group and benefit from the special rates applicable for such group registration. In order to register and be eligible to receive the discounted group rates, the number of registrations in a group would need to be at least 10. The rates of discount applicable along with the numbers of registrations in the group are indicated below.

10 to 20 members - 5%

21 to 50 members - 10%

51 to 75 members - 15%

76 to 100 members - 20%

101 to 150 members - 25%

151 to 200 members - 35%

More than 200 members - 50%

(c) Members of Global organisation of Persons of Indian Origin (GOPIO) 50% discount for Indian Origin Registrants if Number of members registering is more than 50. If there are less than 50 GOPIO members in the group, they can avail normal group registration rates.

Special Registration Fees for young PIOs, NRIs and young Resident Indians

(a) Indian Residents (those based in India & between 18 to 35 years)

US$50 only for 7 January only;
No registrations allowed for other days

(b) Young persons of Indian Origin and NRIs(18 to 35 years)


US$100 for one day
US$150 for any two days during 7 - 9 January;
US$200 for all three days i.e. 7, 8, 9 January 2017.
No late fees

Media Registration

Media persons who were interested in attending PBD 2017 had to first register through the website under media category. The PBD Secretariat then verifed the credentials of the registered media person, including for media persons based in India. This process took some time. Participation of media persons in PBD 2017 was subject to completion of verification process which was conveyed through a verification email.  For receiving media badge at the PBD venue, the media persons had to produce a copy of verification email along with delegate registration receipt.

Refund of Registration Fees for PBD 2017

Refund of 50% of registration fees was allowed in the event of cancellation of participation by any delegate/participant in Pravasi Bharatiya Divas Convention 2017, held in Bengaluru from 7-9 January 2017. The last date for receipt of refund request for PBD 2017 was 5 January 2017. Thereafter, no request for any refund was accepted.

The refund procedure was as follows:

  • The PBD 2017 delegate/participant had to submit a request for refund of registration fees online on the PBD 2017 website giving his full name, registration number allotted at the time of making payment, amount paid, date of registration and his bank account details. Copy of online payment receipt was to be enclosed;
  • All online refund requests received by the Ministry of External Affairs up to 5 January 2017 , were processed by the PBD 2017 Secretariat;
  • After verifying the online payment made by the concerned PBD 2017 delegate for his/her registration, the PBD 2017 secretariat approached the Accounts Department of the Ministry of External Affairs for approval for refund of 50% registration fees. Thereafter, Ministry will advise State Bank of India to remit the refund amount to the concerned PBD 2017 delegate/participant's bank account;
  • Service tax levied by the State Bank of India for remitting the refund amount to the concerned PBD 2017 delegate/participant was borne by the Ministry of External Affairs.


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