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Mr. Ashraf Palarakunnummal is a selfless, service-focused social worker and co-coordinator with a strong commitment to serving the needs of the expatriate community in UAE. He is skilled in the procedural formalities for the repatriation of human mortal remains to various destinations from the UAE and the cremation of bodies in the UAE. For the last 14 years, he is engaged in various social activities, especially in the field of repatriation of the human mortal remains to various destinations from UAE. He has developed good relations with all the Government Departments in UAE, especially with the Police Department, Mortuary Department, Embalming Centre, Airport Cargo Centre and the Indian Consulate, to provide his free services without any delay to the expatriate Indians.

Mr. Ashraf Palarakunnummal was recognized for his social and philanthropic service and for developing closer ties between India and UAE.