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Dr.Sanjaya Rajaram, the recipient of the prestigious World Food Prize 2014, has been a tireless champion of eradicating hunger and malnutrition around the globe, including India. Over a scientific career spanning more than four decades, he worked extensively to promote the benefits of the Green Revolution in India, first as a distinguished member of Dr. Norman E. Borlaug's team, and later, as his successor in leading CIMMYT's (Centro Internacional de Mejoramiento de MaizyTrigo) wheat breeding programme. His work led to the development of over 500 improved, disease-resistant varieties of wheat in more than 51 countries, including India, bringing about an astounding increase in world wheat production by more than 200 million tons. His breakthrough scientific research work also ensured that wheat varieties that lead to the Green Revolution in India such as Sonalika and Kalyan Sona were improved and continued to proliferate, bringing enormous benefits to large and small-scale farmers. Dr. Sanjaya Rajaram succeeded in creating a better understanding of the agricultural conditions in India among agricultural scientists globally. He is an icon of Indian scientific achievement in his adopted land Mexico and internationally.

Dr. Sanjaya Rajaram was honored for his immense contribution in the field of scientific research that lead to the Green Revolution in India and fostering ties between India and Mexico.