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Antwerp Indian Association comprises of influential members of the Indian Community in Belgium who play an important role in the activities of the local Government both in Antwerp and the rest of Belgium. Members of the Association have made a name for themselves in the local Belgian Community. This has helped them act as a bridge to integrate interests of the Indian Community in Belgium with local interests. Several members of the Association have liaised effectively with the local Belgian community and authorities to promote welfare related interests of Indians in Belgium.

The Association has facilitated formulation of the ‘collective’ opinion of the large Indian Community by first bringing the entire community within its umbrella and then by providing effective leadership that is emphatic to the cause of India and Indians in Belgium. It has assisted in promoting a spirit of unity and harmony amongst Indians in Belgium as well as enhancing friendship and engagement with the local Belgian Community. The Association has also been involved with social and humanitarian causes in India and abroad, in philanthropic and charitable work, and in promoting outstanding contributions that have enhanced India’s prestige in the country of residence