PBD Conferences 2016

In 2015, the External Affairs Ministry decided to revise and re-energize the format of the annual Pravasi Bharatiya Divas Convention (PBD).

Accordingly, it was decided that the PBD Convention will be held bi-annually; and that, in the intervening year, smaller, outcome-based PBD conferences will be organized in New Delhi on issues of concern to the Indian Diaspora and the Government.

Implementing this decision in January this year, PBD was celebrated at New Delhi For the first time, the External Affairs Minister (EAM) interacted live with the Indian community in five countries Our Missions and Consulates also organized the PBD in their respective countries on 9 January this year. This was done for the first time.

Ten PBD Conferences are being organized by the External Affairs Ministry from February through November, 2016 at New Delhi on subjects of concern to the overseas Indian Community In each of these conferences, overseas Indians who are domain experts in their respective fields are being invited as panelists. Resident Indians who represent stakeholder organizations or nodal Ministries and Departments will also be participating. Each PBD Conference is chaired by the EAM and the relevant Government of India (GOI) Minister The participants in the conference are expected to discuss the issue and give recommendations for resolutions These recommendations will be summarized and sent to the respective Government Ministries and Departments for action.

Topics for the ten PBD Conference this year are given below:

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February 2016

The Indian Diaspora: Catalysts for Realising India's Development Vision: India Development Foundation of Overseas Indians.

March 2016

Consular Services to Overseas Indians: Ensuring Effective & Efficient Delivery.

April 2016

Partnering with Diaspora to Accelerate Tourism in India.

May 2016

India as a Global Health and Wellness Hub.

June 2016

Managing the Migration Cycle: Streamlining and Supporting Indian Worker's Emigration to ECR Countries.

July 2016

Leveraging Diaspora Expertise for Knowledge and Innovation Ecosystem.

August 2016

Connecting Contemporary India to Diaspora in Girmitiya Countries: Link to past for a shared future.

September 2016

Nurturing India's Young Ambassadors: Reaching out to Indian Students Abroad and NRI & OCI Students in India.

October 2016

Leveraging Social Media for Diaspora Connect.

November 2016

Diaspora Organizations: Bridging Distances, Unlocking Opportunities.


Thus far six PBD Panel discussions have been held in 2016 at New Delhi. The recommendations and Action Taken Reports of each of these conferences will be submitted to the PBD delegates at the PBD Convention in January 2017, during the Plenary Sessions. Each Plenary Session will last 90 minutes, which will be followed by a brief presentation by the Rapporteur and an interactive session with the PBD delegates.

These unique and first-ever PBD conferences have enabled a sustained and issue-based dialogue with the Indian diaspora. Overseas Indian participants in the conferences have appreciated the revised format of the PBD and have welcomed the Government's initiative.