Plenary Session VI

9 January : 1015-1100 hrs

"Managing the Migration Cycle: Streamlining and Supporting Indian Worker's migration to ECR Countries."

Session Brief

Seesion Coordinator : Mr Mridul Kumar, Joint Secretary (Gulf), Ministry of External Affairs

Speakers at PBD :

  • Dr Mohan Thomas, Indian Medical Association, Qatar
  • Mr. Arvind Patil, President, Indian Community Benevolent Forum (ICBF), Qatar
  • Mr. Bhagwan Asarpota, President, PIO/NRI Indian Community Relief Fund, Bahrain
  • Mr. PM Jabir, Community Welfare Secretary of Indian Social Club, Oman
  • Ms. Bindu S. Chettur, Councellor IWRC Dubai & Senior Lawyer, UAE
  • Mr. Nilim Baruah, Senior Migration Specialist, Regional office for Asia & the Pacific United Nations building, Bangkok
  • Mr. Khanderao Kand, Founder, Director, Global Indian Technology Professional Association, USA
  • Mr. B.R. Shetty, Executive Vice Chairman and CEO of NMC Healthcare, Abu Dhabi
  • Mr. Suraj Kollabathula, Technical Consultant for Ministry of Information, Government of Kuwait, Kuwait
  • Dr. Shyam Parande, Secretary General, ARSP, India
  • Ms. Seeta Sharma, National Project Coordinator South Asia Labour Migration Governance Project, India
  • Dr. Meera Sethi Special Envoy of DG, International Organization for Migration (IOM) , India
  • Dr. Pradip Kumar Sharma Ashoka Lemelson Fellow & ED, Central for Rural Development, Member of Indian Centre for Migration (ICM), India
  • Mr. Dhanpal Panchal, Sales & Marketing Manager of Messer’s Al Askafi Gen. Trad. & Cont. Co, Kuwait.


  • Mr. Jabir Puthiya Maliyakkal, is the Community Welfare Secretary of Indian Social Club, Oman. He has been interacting with the Embassy of India in Oman and local government authorities for over 30 years. He has ensured arrangements for necessary treatment and financial assistance to hundreds of sick/injured Indians before their repatriation to India and has provided counseling and necessary directions to workers with labor related problems. He has rescued, found shelters, campaigned to put an end to the exploitations faced by them and has played an instrumental role in appealing to the Government of Oman and convincing the authorities to announce general amnesty for undocumented and overstayed Indians in 2001, 2006 & 2009. Times Now/ ICICI chose him as the NRI of the year in the philanthropy category in 2016. He has attended many prestigious forums discussing the issues of migrants.
  • Dr. Mohan Thomas, is a renowned ENT Surgeon and a Businessman based in Qatar for the past 40 years. He is the winner of the best outgoing student award for MS Program at AIIMS from the Prime Minister of India and also the Founder Chairman of Birla Public School in Qatar.
  • Mr. Arvind Patil, is the President of Indian Community Benevolent Forum (ICBF), Embassy of India-Qatar & is an Indian Community Representative, National Human Rights Committee, Govt. of Qatar. ICBF functions under the patronage of Ambassador of India to Qatar and he has been serving the organization for 12 years and works very actively in humanitarian services for the needy brethren in different capacities. He has been nominated as the Indian Community Representative, National Human Rights Committee by the Govt of Qatar. He holds his Bachelor degree in Civil Engineering & Masters in Environmental Engineering. He is presently owner of construction company, Universal Associates Contracting, Qatar.
  • Mr. Khanderao Kand, is a US based Entrepreneurial Technologist and a social organizer. He is the Director of Foundation for India and Indian Diaspora Studies ( and the Founder & President of Global Indian Technology Professionals Association ( He is a member of India Center for Migration, a think tank of Ministry of External Affairs. He is a founder and adviser of Hitech-Startups.  He works on fostering Indo-US international relations, professional and entrepreneurial skill development of Indian original professionals. He has been organizing conferences on technology skills and policy matters and works on socio-cultural issues, spreading awareness about Indian religions-traditions, representing interests of India Diaspora and correcting misrepresentation of India and Hinduism in US Textbooks.
  • Ms. Bindu .S. Chettur,  was enrolled as  a  lawyer in  Bar  council  of  Kerala  in  the  year  1992. From 1999 till this date she is working as a senior associate lawyer with Mohamed Salman Advocates and Legal Consultants in UAE. Her expertise is into corporate, criminal, personal matters including arbitration and mediation.  She  has  successfully  conducted  many  cases  entrusted  to  her by the Indian Consulate which includes the high profile case of “Death Penalty of Seventeen  Indians in  Sharjah  Court  which  drew  international  media  attention. She   is   in   the   panel   of   Indian   Workers   Resource   Centre   (IWRC)   under   the patronage of Embassy of India. She   is   also   giving consultation in   incorporation of companies   and   business   advice   being   the Managing   Director of CHANAKYATSE (FZE), a management   consultancy firm with it branch office in India also. She is also registered with the Supreme Court bar council of India.
  • Mr. Nilim Baruah, has been working on migration issues since 1998 and earlier in the development field. Before assuming his current responsibilities as a Senior Migration Specialist at the ILO (International Labour Organization), Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific in Bangkok in 2011, he was the Chief Technical Adviser (CTA) of ILO, technical cooperation labor migration projects in Southeast Asia and Eastern Europe/Central Asia. Earlier he headed IOM's (International Organization for Migration) Labor Migration Division in Geneva from 2002-2007. He is co-author of the OSCE-IOM-ILO Handbook on Establishing Effective Labor Migration Policies  which has been published in several languages and has authored several papers on labor migration and remittances. He also worked in the development field with Oxfam (U.K/Ireland) as the Country Representative in Yerevan, Armenia (1995-2002) and Regional Representative in Bhubaneswar, India (1991-94). He studied Development Studies at Carleton University, Ottawa, (1984-86) where he obtained a Master's Degree in International Affairs.
  • Mr. Bhagwan Asarpota, is a leading businessman, settled in Bahrain for the past 46 years. He is heading the family business P. Haridas Sons Group of Cos, with varied interests like FMCG Distribution, Corrugated box manufacturing, retail outlets, School etc.  He is actively involved in social and philanthropic activities and holding many honorary positions viz. Chairman of Indian Community Relief Fund, which is working under the patronage of Embassy of India, Kingdom of Bahrain, Vice Chairman of Thattai Hindu Community (Managing 200 years old Hindu Temple), Committee member of joint Business Council (under Bahrain Chamber of Commerce & Industry  BCCI) - Bahrain & India, Food & Agriculture Committee. He is a regular participant as member in Govt of Bahrain's overseas official delegation, erstwhile Vice Chairman of Bahrain Asian Traders Committee, under BCCI etc. 
  • Mr. Suraj Kollabathula, is an Entrepreneurial Engineer, currently working as Technical Consultant for Ministry Of Information, Government of Kuwait with responsibility of implementation of IT Governance framework. He is the co-founder of Coded Tech. He is also a QA & ISMS and IT consultant for several organizations. He obtained his Engineering from JNTU, India and Masters from GCU, Glasgow, UK.  He is co-founder & General Secretary for Abhaya NRI Foundation, Kuwait. ANF predominantly provides support and counseling for low marginal job holders from two Telugu states. With help of Indian Embassy, Kuwait many cases related to deceased bodies expired in tragic situations are completed to transport the mortal remains to their loved ones in India. ANF also conducted many consular and medical camps.
  • Mr. Dhanpal Panchal, is the Sales & Marketing Manager of Messer's Al Askafi Gen. Trad. & Cont. Co. W.L.L, Kuwait. He excels in steel fabrication which involves building of metal structures by cutting, bending, assembling processes and construction of machines and structures from various raw materials.  He has evaluated and played a leadership role in many transitions for the company, with 60+ employees. As per MEA estimate around 800,000 (Eight hundred thousand) Indians are constituting the largest expatriate community in Kuwait. Kuwait Government rules and regulations for expatriate workforce are extremely appreciable due to language and cultural difference. However Indian unskilled labor force and domestic workers are facing various problems to be addressed. Over and above due to oil price decrease, local government has forced to reduce the facilities given to expatriates such as better medical facilities, air connectivity, community schools, recruitment scams, residence and sponsorship.

  • Dr. B.R. Shetty, is the Founder and CEO of LSE listed NMC Healthcare, Abu Dhabi. He is an entrepreneur with business interests in healthcare, financial services, pharmaceuticals, real estate, hospitality, manufacturing, tourism and IT. He is known for his philanthropic activities, where he supports the community and helps victims of natural disasters. He is a Member of the Governing Council of India Centre for Migration. At the PBD seminar, he is a panelist in the plenary session on Managing the migration cycle; streamlining and supporting Indian workers emigration to ECR countries while at the PBD Conference-2016, he was part of the recommendations committee for issues on emigration to ECR countries.
  • Dr. Pradip Kumar Sharma, is a leading Social Entrepreneur; former Government Veterinary Surgeon and the Founder of Centre for Rural Development (CRD), headquartered in Guwahati, India. Rickshaw Bank is flagship program through which he helped thousands of rickshaw pullers: a large migrate community, to achieve ownership, access bank loans and insurances and come out of a generational poverty cycle. He works in relating to the migration issues, studying microcredit, and organizing self-help groups. He had participated in several national and international dialogues, seminars, workshops. He has received many awards at the state, national and international level and has shared his experiences with most of the leading Universities in the World. He is an Ashoka Lemelson Fellows and a Tech Laureate.

  • Ms. Seeta Sharma, is responsible for international migration projects with the International Labour Organization (ILO) in India. Prior to her current position, she worked with NGOs where she established and managed a regional migration programme, supporting several civil society organizations across eight countries in South and South East Asia and the Middle East. She continues to provide support to grassroots organizations in the region. Having started her career in Africa, she has worked for several years on protection issues, including in humanitarian emergencies. She received her Masters degree from Australia and completed a certificate course on forced migration at the Oxford University, UK in 2007.

  • Dr. Meera Sethi, has recently been assigned to India, as the Special Envoy bringing over 26 years of multilateral experience in the area of public policy, development and International Migration having served in various capacities and regions.  She spent five years as the IOM Chief of Mission in Turkey responsible for IOMs humanitarian emergency response to the Syrian crises, cross border operations and migration management programmes aimed at aligning Turkey with the ongoing EU accession process.  Previously, she was at IOM Headquarters in Geneva as the Senior Regional Advisor for South Asia (one year) and Sub Saharan Africa for five years covering 47 countries.  She initiated many programmes for IOM under the New Partnership for Africa's Development (NEPAD) and the Least Developed Countries (LDC). She has her PhD in Public Administration and Comparative Government from Northern Illinois University, USA; is a graduate of political science from Jawaharlal Nehru University, India following her degree in Political Science Honors with Lady Shri Ram College, New Delhi, India.